Salinity Processes in the Upper Ocean Regional Study 2 (SPURS-2)
Peer-Reviewed Publications resulting from SPURS
Special Issue of Oceanography, SPURS-2 Papers
Lindstrom, E.J., A.Y. Shcherbina, L. Rainville, J.T. Farrar, L.R. Centurioni, S. Dong, E.A. D’Asaro, C. Eriksen, D.M. Fratantoni, B.A. Hodges, and others. 2017. Autonomous multi-platform observations during the Salinity Processes in the Upper-ocean Regional Study. Oceanography 30(2):38–48,
From Salty to Fresh—Salinity Processes in the Upper-ocean Regional Study-2 (SPURS-2): Diagnosing the Physics of a Rainfall-Dominated Salinity Minimum SPURS-2 Planning Group. 2015. Oceanography 28(1):150(1)9,
Dual-polarization radar rainfall estimation over tropical oceans. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol.,